Blood Bros. BBQ

Blood Bros. BBQ owners Quy Hoang and Robin Wong
Brothers Robin & Terry Wong and friend Quy Hoang met in the working class neighborhood of Alief and bring their Asian-American backgrounds to this menu of creative CTX-style barbecue.

One of the best and worst features of Central Texas-style barbecue is its long-entrenched tradition. Many pitmasters who are just starting out are too intimidated to veer from the rules of the style, like salt-and-pepper brisket and dry-rubbed pork ribs. It can result in a sense of homogeneity when it comes to this predominant style of Texas barbecue.

Fortunately, such intimidation has never been a problem with the Blood Bros. BBQ. Certainly pitmaster Hoang and the Wong brothers have a great reverence for the style, but have been nothing but fearless in combining their personal narratives growing up in Alief with Central Texas traditions. The result is a fascinating and sincere mash-up of the best of CTX with Houston’s Asian influences, techniques and ingredients.




Building: Blood Bros. is located in the center of a strip shopping center. There is indoor seating and a small outdoor, covered patio out front.
Parking: On-site parking is available in a concrete parking lot for the strip center. There are quite a few spaces, but it can get full during peak times. There is more parking to the side and behind the shopping center.
Ordering: There is a line-up area to the right of the dining room when you enter. When you get to the counter, you place your side order first, then your meat order at the cutting station. You then go to the adjacent point-of-sale to pay for the order, then take your tray to the drink station.
Catering: Pickup only. There is a lead time of a few days. There is an order form on their website.
Pit(s): Steel off-set Sniper cooker manufactured locally by Pitmaker and an Oyler Little Red Smokehouse.



Owner(s): Robin & Terry Wong, Quy Hoang
Pitmaster(s): Quy Hoang
Established: 2013
Address: 5425 Bellaire Blvd, Bellaire, TX 77401
Hours: Wed-Sun 11AM-3PM or sold out
Phone: (713) 664-7776
Known for: Known for producing a great Texas Trinity of brisket, pork ribs & sausage. Don't overlook the daily features with an Asian flair like Brisket Burnt End Steam Buns - it's what sets them apart from other barbecue joints.
Pro-tip: Be sure to order the Brisket Fried Rice and anything with Gochujang in the description.
Brisket price/lb: $22.00
Price Date: 2020-12-17



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