Fainmous BBQ

Fainmous BBQ
Barbecue influences from outside the Lone Star State are few and far between in Houston, but Jamie & Karen Fain have established this East Tennessee-style joint with outstanding pulled pork dishes.

Though Texas barbecue has spread to every state in the union, other styles of American barbecue have been slow to catch on in Texas. Perhaps the most famous style other than Texas is Carolina-style barbecue, either north or south, and even that has been missing in Texas except for a few high-profile whole-hog ventures.

But the Fain’s have bucked the trend and produce outstanding, stand-alone East Tennessee-style barbecue at their Fainmous BBQ storefront in Sawyer Yards. What by chance is East Tennessee-style barbecue, you may ask? Its adjacency to North Carolina offers a clue: hickory-smoked pork shoulder that is shredded into a mouth-watering pile of meat and juices and covered in a spicy vinegar-and-tomato sauce. It’s the epitome of barbecue comfort food.




Building: A small space that is part of one of the many buildings and industrial spaces that make up the Sawyer Yards arts & entertainment district.
Parking: Ample parking in a concrete lot for the entertainment district.
Ordering: Standard counter service/counter cut model. Line up and when you get to the counter place your order and it is prepared in front of you. Then place side dish (all are on a steam table in front of you) and dessert order. You get your tray when you pay.
Catering: All levels of catering are offered: pick up, delivery, and full service.
Pit(s): One wood-burning, Southern Pride rotisserie smoker.



Owner(s): Jamie & Karen Fain
Pitmaster(s): Jamie Fain
Established: 2011
Address: 1201 Oliver St #50, Houston, TX 77007
Hours: Mon-Thu 11AM-6PM, Fri-Sat 11AM-8PM, Closed Sun.
Phone: (713) 728-9663
Known for: Tennessee-style bbq featuring a distinct hickory smoke flavor and vinegar-based sauces. Also, one of the few excelling at offering smoked vegetarian & vegan dishes.
Pro-tip: The murals on the wall represent Jamie & Karen's memories growing up in Tennessee.
Brisket price/lb: $22.00
Price Date: 2021-04-05


Style(s): East Tennessee
Neighborhood(s): Central, Sawyer Yards
Building Type: Shopping Center
Primary Wood(s): Hickory
Primary Pit Type(s): Rotisserie
Meals Served: Lunch, Dinner


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