Tejas Chocolate & BBQ

Tejas Chocolate & Barbecue
A barbecue joint that offers world-class smoked meats alongside handmade chocolate sounds like the perfect idea, and owners Scott & Greg Moore and Michelle Holland have delivered just that in Old Town Tomball.

As co-owner Scott Moore often says, he and his brother Greg and partner Michelle started making barbecue to supplement their chocolate addiction. And indeed, both the chocolate and the barbecue here are addictive. There’s a ever-evolving menu of creative items to embellish the great trinity at Tejas Chocolate & BBQ – soups in the winter are worth looking out for and the barbacoa tacos and queso-drenched brisket nachos are mouthwatering just to think about.

One recent addition to the menu – smoked burgers – became so popular that they spun-off a whole new burger joint down the street. The nearby Tejas To-Go Market includes vacuum-packed versions of their menu items for re-heating at home. And of course don’t miss the chocolate display as you wait to place your order in the main restaurant.




Building: One of the oldest buildings in Old Town Tomball; formerly a residence, completely renovated into a restaurant. Two indoor dining rooms, seating on the side outdoor porch as well as picnic tables in the fornt yard.
Parking: There is a communal parking lot directly across Elm St. It can get full during busy times and there is plenty of additional street parking on Elm and Commerce.
Ordering: Lineup on the porch outside, order with the order taker, pay, and get a receipt with your order number and name. When your order is ready they will call out the number and name over loudspeaker (you can here it outside too), head for the pickup area and grab your tray(s). Note that on Saturdays, a "Golden Ticket" system is implemented. Ticket numbers from 1-20 are placed outside by the frint door at 6:30am. Your number represents your place in line when doors open at 11am.
Catering: Pickup, delivery and full-service is available (minimum 150pp for full service).
Pit(s): A diverse array of pits include an original custom-made barrel pit with a horizontal and vertical chamber, three 1000-gallon Moberg offsets, and one 500 gallon Moberg trailer-mounted.



Owner(s): Scott & Greg Moore, Michelle Holland
Pitmaster(s): Scott & Greg Moore
Established: 2015
Address: 200 N Elm St, Tomball, TX 77375
Hours: Tue-Sat 11AM-8PM or sold out, Closed Sun-Mon.
Phone: (832) 761-0670
Known for: In addition to the excellent brisket and pork ribs, the in-house sausage-making here is stellar, including the flagship chile relleno sausage. Don't miss the carrot souffle as a side dish (trust us).
Pro-tip: If the line to order for the sit-down restaurant is long, head around the corner to the Tejas To-Go Market where you can order quickly and there are usually a couple of open tables.
Brisket price/lb: $31.00
Price Date: 2021-05-29



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