Lenox Bar-B-Q

Lenox Bar-B-Q owners Reece and Erik Mrok
In 1949 Leonard McNeill won a neighborhood café in a dice game and turned it into a legendary barbecue joint; today, owner Erik Mrok continues the tradition in this rapidly gentrifying area of the East End.

You might be confused the first time you visit Lenox Bar-B-Q. When you enter the front door, you’re basically entering the kitchen. You go to the back of the building, past cooks making sides and carvers cutting briskets, place your order, and then wait around for the order to appear. Where’s the dining room? Look no further than literally in front of the building where the newly-built light-rail tracks required Mrok to tear down the front (dining room) of the structure several years ago.

So it’s mostly a take-out joint and only open for lunch on weekdays, feeding neighborhood locals and plenty of construction workers from this booming area of Houston. Don’t expect Wagyu brisket or house-made sausage – this is strictly blue-collar grub with a side of Houston barbecue history. While you’re waiting for your order, try to get a peek into the well-seasoned pit room encasing the massive Oyler smokers – the tight quarters means it’s often compared to the engine room of a submarine.

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Owner(s): Erik, Nonie, & Reece Mrok
Pitmaster(s): Erik Mrok, Sostenace Rubio, Tereso Rubio
Established: 1946
Address: 5420 Harrisburg Blvd, Houston, TX 77011
Hours: Mon-Fri 7AM-2PM
Phone: (713) 926-2649
Known for: Throwback, old-school ETX-style barbecue with some CTX influence, cooked in 50 year-old rotisserie pits and served to-go.
Pro-tip: One of the last joints in Houston to do "custom cooking," that is, you can bring your raw meat that they will cook for you based on a per-pound price.
Brisket price/lb: $16.50
Price Date: 2021-05-17
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