Goode Co. Barbeque – Kirby

Goode Co. Barbeque - Kirby
Jim Goode revolutionized the business of barbecue when he opened this barbecue joint-meets-ice house on a then-quiet stretch of Kirby Drive in 1977, combining CTX-style barbecue with a Houston flair.

To understand the profound influence of the original Goode Co. Barbeque – Kirby, you must first understand the business of barbecue in the early 1970s. Most barbecue joints were associated with rural locations (Lockhart, Taylor) or specific neighborhoods in urban areas (Lockwood Inn in Fifth Ward). Most barbecue fans had their neighborhood place, and that’s where they went.

Goode changed that by making barbecue a destination. Through savvy marketing (he originally worked as a graphic designer) and clever story-telling, he re-packaged the myth of Texas barbecue with creative culinary techniques, producing great smoked meats as well as delicious side dishes and desserts. As food became a greater part of American culture heading into the 1980s (food television shows and food sections in newspapers), Goode Co. was way ahead of the curve combining great food with engaging stories that reflected the unique culture of southeast Texas.

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Owner(s): Goode Family
Pitmaster(s): Levi Goode
Established: 1977
Address: 5109 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77098
Hours: 7 days, 11AM-8:30PM
Phone: (713) 522-2530
Known for: The Czech-style housemade sausage is always a fan-favorite, along with the jalapeno-cheese bread, a sauce reminiscent of an Italian red sauce, and of course the addictive pecan pie.
Pro-tip: Though there is a tiny dining room, the real action is out on the covered patio where West U natives mingle with Texas barbecue-curious tourists.
Brisket price/lb: $23.95
Price Date: 2021-04-10
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