Gatlin’s BBQ

Gatlin's BBQ entrance
Greg Gatlin and family were the first to bring craft barbecue to diners in Houston when they opened in 2010. Chef Michelle Wallace recently joined the team to add comfort food favorites.

You might say the two major eras of Houston barbecue are “BG” and “AG,” that’s “Before Gatlin’s” and “After Gatlin’s.” Before the Gatlin family opened their tiny Gatlin’s BBQ storefront in the Heights, many prominent barbecue joints had transitioned to “set it and forget it,” push-button smokers that made barbecue easier but lost the essential smokiness for which Texas barbecue is famous.

When Gatlin rolled his trailer-mounted, offset steel pit behind his little shop and started cooking on that, the game changed, as they say. Not only did he start using old-school techniques, Gatlin also offered a menu that combined the best of ETX and CTX-styles of barbecue, with salt-and-pepper brisket existing side-by-side with a dirty rice dish any Cajun would be proud of.

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Owner(s): Gatlin Family
Pitmaster(s): Greg Gatlin
Established: 2010
Address: 3510 Ella Blvd Bldg C Ste A, Houston, TX 77018
Hours: Mon-Sat 7AM-6PM
Phone: (713) 869-4227
Known for: Known for excellent pork ribs, both spareribs and baby back, and Southern-style dirty rice. Check out the daily features including smoked bologna sandwiches and fried catfish.
Pro-tip: Order a bowl of the classic dirty rice and then mix in some of the house barbecue sauce for a East plus Central Texas fusion.
Brisket price/lb: $22.95
Price Date: 2021-04-05
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